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By providing, successful, honest big game hunting services and adventures since 1986 we have acquired some of the finest and remote, exclusive use Federal and Private hunting areas in the great State of Alaska.   


Since 1993 each spring from mid-April through May we have had the fortune to be permitted to hunt within the Admiralty Island National Monument and Kootznoowoo "Fortress of the Bears" Wilderness Areas of Tongass National Forest, in Southeast Alaska. A truly magnificent area and marine-ecosystem, full of wildlife, whales and wonder.


In the summer, from June through October we live and work in Southwest Alaska's Wood River-Tikchik River State Park. One of our two fall hunting areas. I have guided hunters in the State Park since 1986. Since 1994 we have provided world class fly fishing and hunting services to a limited number of guests from our privately owned location within the heart of the Wood Tikchik State Park. 

Our second fall hunting area, Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, is immediately to the west of our lodge operations. It is wild and desolate country, but a beautiful coastal region where we are fortunate to operate under exclusive Federal and private permits within the Refuge area. We have conducted Brown Bear hunts in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge since 1987. 


Each of the areas are truly wild lands, coveted for their wilderness character, diversity of habitat and wildlife populations. 


The expeditions which we provide are intended for sportsmen, 100% fair chase hunting. Maintaining both a positive atmosphere and attitude is key to success for both the client, guide and outfitter. We seek to share these wonderful areas and wildlife with true sportsmen who enjoy and value the intrinsic rewards of the entire outdoor and hunting experience. Our hunting philosophy can best be surmised through the infamous words of Fred Bear "A hunt based only on trophies taken falls far short of what the ultimate goal should be."


We commit our operations and business to honesty, success, safety and adventure. We strive to provide the best possible service in the Alaskan outfitting industry.  


     All the Best, 

          Justin C. Johns

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